The Cells. A prison, but not of the sort you're used to. You don't get brought here, you just end up here. When the going gets too rough. When the weight of the world crushes you. When you feel like you're shattering into thousands of pieces of glass that just cut you the more you try to put them back together.

For everyone in The Cells, inmate or guard, there's something that anchors them here, something that keeps them from escaping back into the world. Face that thing, understand it, and you can get out. Not many people succeed, even when The Cells change to show you, to present you with it. Self-awareness served on a silver platter. It's easy to choke on it.

Most people who wind up here never get out. Some just disappear. Some become shades, haunting the ever-changing halls of this place. Others…others change into something else entirely, something separate from what they once were. Guards of the place that trapped them.

Paper Cranes is an interactive visual novel that follows the story of Hase, a young, troubled rabbit girl, as she attempts to escape from the Cells, a metaphysical prison crafted from her own insecurities and anxieties. Along the way, with the help of an empathetic guard--the aggressively protective Katz--she must face scenarios that echo the troubles that have tied her down to the Cells in order to come to terms with her own identity and embrace her own strength.

At this time, Paper Cranes is compatible with Windows only, and is avaliable for pay-what-you-want!